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About hypnotherapy

Did you know that in any given day we are only consciously aware of the decisions we make for 10% of the time? It sounds extraordinary, but it's true.

The remaining 90% of our time is dealt with subconsciously in behaviours learned from previous experiences. In other words, for most of your day you are in what could be called a state of trance. Don't believe me? When you get in your car in the morning – do you think about putting your seat belt on or do you just do it? When a friend pops round for coffee and you're chatting – do you have to stop talking so you can think about how to make the coffee?

These are examples of everyday trance states.

Fight or flight

The first and foremost role of our subconscious is to protect us, so any time we find ourselves in a new uncomfortable, dangerous or stressful situation our subconscious generates a fight or flight response. This is fine in principle, but sometimes the subconscious can make very tenuous connections to the original event... meaning that now perhaps you are scared of something for no apparent reason.

Nowadays we have different things that make us anxious or afraid, but our subconscious is still devising strategies to help us cope. So feeling stressed might make you reach for a cigarette or a bar of chocolate because you think it helped you last time.

Moving forward

Most of the things you will come and see me about are learned behaviours. You won't be consciously aware of why you learned them – they are an instinctive reaction to a situation – but they are preventing you from moving forward.

All behaviour serves or served a purpose. Most behaviour is a trance state – an instinctive reaction to a situation.

I will work with you to help give you back control.