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Unlike other hypnotists, I tailor the techniques I use to each individual
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Many other therapists work with only one technique, and any results are likely to be short lived. I do not work in this way.

Every client that comes to me is individual and unique, whatever their problem. I do not pre-suppose that any one technique in my repertoire will be right for that client and I ensure that their issue is dealt with completely.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is unique in that it does not depend on just one school of thought. Cognitive Hypnotherapy has and continues to take the very best techniques and practices from all the various forms of therapy - so I have at my disposal an array of different potential solutions.

The Hypno Hut Cognitive Hypnotherapy across Cambridgeshire and London

Alison Knowles, The Hypno Hut

DipCHyp, NLP (MPrac), CNCH (Acc), HPD

I am a fully qualified and licensed Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP* practitioner, trained at the Quest Institute of Cognitive Hypnotherapy under the tutorage of the esteemed Trevor Silvester. Only 20% of all UK hypnotherapists have actually achieved the HPD**.

Most hypnotherapists are schooled in one technique and try and make that fit everyone. Under the best tutors, I have trained in many different schools of thought – so I have at my disposal a very wide range of techniques from which I can choose the one that best suits you. If you are expecting me to swing a watch and tell you, "Look into my eyes," you will be sorely disappointed. The techniques I use are powerful and don't need gimmicks!

My peers have called me a non-therapist therapist because of my relaxed approach to working with and empowering my clients. I take this as a compliment. My training has allowed me the privilege of enabling people to deal with pain, addictions, phobias, eating disorders, stress anxiety, PTSD – the list goes on.

Our bodies and minds are amazing things if we only realised it. My role is to help you realise it and empower you to use it.

* Neuro Linguistic Programming
** Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma


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Ollie and his Super Powers

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Ollie is not just a story; it's a whole new and exciting way for kids and adults to be the very best version of themselves.

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