The HypnoHut Rules

Rules of the Hut

Rules of the hut are updated on an irregular basis with Ali striving for continuous improvement……

Hut Rule One:  No hitting the therapist!

Hut Rule Two: Laughter is a requirement at all times.

Hut Rule Three:  Leave all labels in the box conveniently marked ‘Box for labels’ outside The Hut.

Hut Rue Four:  The management take no responsibility for you actually enjoying the session

Hut Rule Five:  No refunds on any life time memberships to anything negative just because you wont need them any more.

Hut Rule Six:  If the best version of you is not what you’re looking for, I am not the therapist for you.

Hut Rule Seven:  Really, its okay to laugh during a session.

Hut Rule Eight:  The management take no responsibility for any limiting belief you loose during the session.

Hut Rule Nine:  The management reserve the right to change The Hut Rules depending on what mood they are in.

Hut Rule Ten:  My Hut My Rules.  lol