Derbyshire Police Conference

My biggest stage so far

What an honour to be asked to speak at the recent Derbyshire Police Conference on Wellbeing, Emotional Resilience and Anxiety.  I was a little nervous (understatement of the year) as I had seen pictures of the conference centre where this was being held so I had to use my Brave superpower to get me up on stage as my Nervous super power was hiding in the car.

With about 200 people in the room it was the biggest audience I have ever had to speak to and I loved it.  I was even mic’d up which is a new experience.  I did really well talking about resilience and wellbeing, giving something to the audience, and getting lots of engagement from them with loads of questions being asked.

I also did really well not swearing until the end.   I forgot I was mic’d up and when I was given a gift for speaking I said something a little, or maybe a lot, inappropriate.

Thank you to Bridie for asking me to do this.

Turn it off Turn if On – stress & anxiety workshop

“It was one of the best study days I’ve ever been on”

Ali was lucky enough to be asked by the midwives of North and East Hertfordshire RCM to run a Turn it off Turn it on workshop which is designed to help you learn how to manage stress and anxiety.

During the day the attendees learn a number of techniques and communications skills that allow them be better able to handle the pressure of every day work life and giving them the ability to leave work at work. Its a very emotional day as people put the things in place that have been holding them back or giving them concern.  The day is ended with a 30 minute relaxation roundup session where everything the attendees have been taught is refocused and given balance.*

From one of the attendees:

I’ve been at work this morning and I bumped into a couple of my colleagues who attended yesterday,  one of the participants stated, ” it was one of the best study days I’ve ever been on”. 

Working as a midwife can at times, be a difficult and heart wrenching job that can make us feel vulnerable and at times we get  disillusioned by a system that doesn’t always support our emotional wellbeing.  It was both a thought provoking and empowering day and it has certainly made me think about changing my own attitude and put in place some skills and techniques that we learnt .  Ali and her team have amazing energy and it was lovely they sat and chatted to us during the lunch break. I really enjoyed how the day ended, with some deep relaxation while  powerful affirmations were delivered, POWER…

  * Disclaimer:  results may vary from person to person