Client Review – Allowing kids to grow

Helping you to be the best you can be

Helping children and adults be all they can be is why I wanted to be a therapist.  Every time someone comes to me there is change*.  At first they may not notice it or think that it is just something that happened but over a relatively short time this change becomes a permanent thing growing each time.  And the best thing is that my clients are doing it all themselves.  All I have done is shown them the path.

I thought I would share this with you.

Ali had been recommended to me by a friend as my son (9yrs) was struggling with me & his dad separating which was impacting on his behaviour at home and school.  At the first meeting I stayed with Nathan and we must have laughed nearly all the way through it due to Ali’s way of putting us at ease.  I knew straightaway she was perfect for us and so did Nathan, who was really eager to start working 1:1 with her.  She has helped Nathan so much and I have got my happy boy back, although there are the occasional blips when I just need to remind him ‘what did Ali say’.  In a nutshell Ali is a wonderful, amazing professional with an edge of craziness who gave my son unbiased time & tools to understand his feelings & emotions, that they were OK and how to work with them.  I can’t thank her (& Ollie) enough. Caroline


   * Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person