Open for Business – via skype

Hi everyone.

I am just letting you know that I am still seeing clients – all I have done is move online.  I normally use Skype but I am happy to use Zoom which every you prefer.

Its important that we take care of our emotional wellbeing and that of our families during this strange and unprecedented period.  We need to be able to put things back into perspective, take control of what we can control, and put ourselves into a better place.

Just email me for an appointment for you or a member of your familiy.

I am also launching a number of video clips via my Ollie and his Super Powers website that may be useful to you.  This is just an example

Plus I am going to be running a free webinar series on relaxation and healing (chillax) starting next week that you are welcome to join. More information will be posted on my FB pages.

So get in touch and keep safe



Relaxation and Recharging – chillax

Relaxation and Recharging – free sessions

Join me every Tuesday at 8pm for the next seven weeks starting on the 31st March for a 30 minute chillax session for relaxation and recharging.

You will need to be somewhere safe (hopefully at home) where you can safely close your eyes if you want to.  So you shouldn’t be driving or using machinery or equipment other than your device that you are listening to me on during out 30 minutes of chilling.

The link to join on each night is

Add it to your calendar.

Comments from our text run were:


Can’t remember a thing but feel amazing!

I’ve got to say it was brilliant!.

Exactly what I needed. I was feeling a little low and tired but felt so good after the session.

Really looking forward to next week’s session.