NLP Award Finalist – Alison Knowles

NLP Award Finalist

Wow what an accolade! Ali has been nominated for an international award for NLP training in Education.

She has been been selected, from those nominated, by an independent panel.  The finalists have been chosen on the how they have demonstrated the use of NLP in making a marked difference in the specified area.

The review below explains why Ali has been nominated.

“I met Ali a year ago and she has done so much to transform my family’s lives for the better since then. I couldn’t think of anyone better placed to be nominated for (and maybe to win!) an All in the Mind award.

I was recommended Ali for my son who was dealing with anxiety about 11+ exams. Ali dispensed with those problems in our first free Skype session and went on to help my son with the social problems he was having at school. In a few months he went from dreading school to actively looking forward to going in, and ended the school year winning the school talent contest and with a headmistress’s award for a great attitude towards school.

Amazed by my son’s transformation I apprehensively introduced Ali to my 8 year old daughter, who has been struggling with trichotillomania for around 3 years. She had had a string of therapists – all of whom had been ineffectual – but I was beginning to feel that if anyone could help, Ali could. My daughter was a difficult proposition, she is smart and manipulative and wised up to all the tricks in every therapists’ book. Ali recognised this immediately and also saw that my daughter’s biggest problem was that she was addicted to the attention she got from therapists and therefore had no motivation to stop pulling her hair out. Fast forward 6 months and Edie has gone nearly 40 days without pulling – a personal record.

Ali has a gift – she is not only incredibly astute about the root cause of different children’s problems but she uses her knowledge to reach different personalities in different ways, uniquely mixing her personal blend of “Ollie and his Superpowers”, hypnotherapy and NLP. Her methods seem so simple but the best ideas – the ones that can actually revolutionise the way we do things – almost always are.

Ali has helped me so much personally as well – not only through helping my children to become so much happier and fulfil their potential – but also by recognising that I needed help myself with the anxiety, negativity and perfectionism that was clouding my judgement about my children and myself. I really can speak from first hand experience about the way Ali appears to ‘see through’ a person and unlock the root cause of their ‘baggage’ – the kind so many of us have and that stops us from getting the most out of our lives.

I don’t know where myself or my family would be today without Ali. She has helped us immeasurably and I truly think she’s some sort of therapist genius (between my children and I we have seen at least 7 other therapists and one time or another so I have points of comparison!)

I hope Ali/Ollie and his Superpowers wins this award because I know that her dream is to help as many children as possible at as little cost as possible, and this award would bring that dream a step closer to becoming a reality.”  Polly

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What is Ollie and his Super Powers?

Hi I am Ali. I am not a writer or at least don’t consider myself one – I am a story teller.
Ollie came about through my work with our youngsters and observations of us older kids! I use Ollie stories to help our kids understand that they have total control on what they think and feel, and I help them deal with the limiting beliefs we all have so that they won’t carry those into adulthood as most of us have.
My dream… Ollie in our schools, I truly believe I can make myself redundant as a therapist if we can as parents and teachers teach our kids this stuff now and learn from it ourselves.
I would love feedback on Ollie’s face book page from parents and teachers – telling what their kids are struggling with so that the next Ollie can address that as only he can.
This first Ollie introduces a simplistic way for our kids to understand thoughts and emotions fears and phobias, The next Ollie will pick up on an issue our kids are dealing with and grow the concept.
Its not just a story it’s a whole new way of being. xxThe Hypno Hut Blog


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Ollie and his Super Powers – Emotional Health!

An absolute gem of a story! A brilliant way of getting a message across using child friendly language! It teaches how to not only recognise the different emotions that are within us, but also how to use them in a way that will help us cope with  situations that we come across in our everyday lives! WE CAN CONTROL OUR EMOTIONS!!!Thats got to be  worth its weight in gold!! These emotions are with us from birth  through to school years, adolescence, friendships, college, work, parenting, divorce, weight related issues,sickness, relationships, loss……… in otherwards throughout our LIVES. It’s knowing they are there from” as early an age as possible”, being able to use them to our advantage and thus enabling us to have healthier minds and bodies without being eaten up by all the negative energy from unresolved issues, which often stems from our childhood days.I wish I knew I had superpowers whilst I was growing up, but I’m putting them into practice now and I’m in my 5th decade.A must for young and old! Without hesitation this book gets a  5 star rating and I hope there are further books to follow as Ollie as he grows up.


  * Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person