Ollie and his Super Powers – Emotional Health!

An absolute gem of a story! A brilliant way of getting a message across using child friendly language! It teaches how to not only recognise the different emotions that are within us, but also how to use them in a way that will help us cope with  situations that we come across in our everyday lives! WE CAN CONTROL OUR EMOTIONS!!!Thats got to be  worth its weight in gold!! These emotions are with us from birth  through to school years, adolescence, friendships, college, work, parenting, divorce, weight related issues,sickness, relationships, loss……… in otherwards throughout our LIVES. It’s knowing they are there from” as early an age as possible”, being able to use them to our advantage and thus enabling us to have healthier minds and bodies without being eaten up by all the negative energy from unresolved issues, which often stems from our childhood days.I wish I knew I had superpowers whilst I was growing up, but I’m putting them into practice now and I’m in my 5th decade.A must for young and old! Without hesitation this book gets a  5 star rating and I hope there are further books to follow as Ollie as he grows up.


  * Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person

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