Charlotte Davey reviewed The Hypno Hut — 5 stars..

I was labelled as ‘Miss Sceptical’ by the lovely Ali. My reason was that I have tried CBT, Counselling, both NHS and private and also Hypnotherapy with no headway made at all. At my first session with Ali, I expected to cry a lot, but I ended up laughing so much. Ali is not the “please think about your breathing and coping mechanisms” type of therapist, but straight talking, to the point and explanatory. I find refreshing, and as hard as it is to hear what she says sometimes, it works for me. This lady is always there for support between sessions and is honest but professional in her approach. I still get nervous before my appointments, but Ali is able to put me at ease very quickly and what she has been able to gain from me using her techniques has shocked me as I’ve “told my story” so many times with little understanding or help. I cannot recommend this lady enough. Whether you are an adult or a child, I would say give Ali a go and you will not regret it!


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