What is Ollie and his Super Powers?

Hi I am Ali. I am not a writer or at least don’t consider myself one – I am a story teller.
Ollie came about through my work with our youngsters and observations of us older kids! I use Ollie stories to help our kids understand that they have total control on what they think and feel, and I help them deal with the limiting beliefs we all have so that they won’t carry those into adulthood as most of us have.
My dream… Ollie in our schools, I truly believe I can make myself redundant as a therapist if we can as parents and teachers teach our kids this stuff now and learn from it ourselves.
I would love feedback on Ollie’s face book page from parents and teachers – telling what their kids are struggling with so that the next Ollie can address that as only he can.
This first Ollie introduces a simplistic way for our kids to understand thoughts and emotions fears and phobias, The next Ollie will pick up on an issue our kids are dealing with and grow the concept.
Its not just a story it’s a whole new way of being. xxThe Hypno Hut Blog


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