All behaviour serves
a purpose
...or was learned to serve a purpose

That behaviour may no longer be appropriate to the person
you are today, and may be why you are on this webpage.

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Confidence and self-esteem

An uncomfortable, unhappy or traumatic event in our childhood can leave us with a lack of confidence or self-esteem.

Lack of confidence and self esteem are learned behaviours, usually stemming from an uncomfortable or sometimes traumatic event. In most cases they are defence mechanisms learned while we are still very young.

Adults often don't realise how much children can be affected by unthinking comments. So perhaps a parent or older sibling made uncomplimentary remarks about your looks, which has left you with poor self image. Or a less than sympathetic teacher criticised your attempts at reading or writing or maths, rather than encouraging you – and this has left you with feelings of inadequacy.

If as a child you were continually told you were a failure in a given situation, you will grow up trying to avoid similar situations. And if you were told you were a failure in everything you did, it makes sense that you will carry that belief with you as an adult.

Increase your feelings of self worth

Through cognitive hypnotherapy we can look to reverse those feelings, perhaps see that they weren't failures at all, and start to empower you to move on with self assurance.

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Confidence and self-esteem

Read what others have to say about working
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I'm an opera singer. Before I had an audition or was about to perform my nerves would get the better of me and greatly affect my performance. Ali gave me an Anchor – a way of controlling the level of anxiety that gave me the confidence to perform to my very best but with control over the level of anxiety to give me the edge. The best of it is – this was all done on Skype.
Lorraine, Germany

I was having real probs getting a girl, I just sort of froze and rubbish came out of my mouth when I got to speak to anyone I fancied. I used to sweat and go red and stutter. Ali made me feel ok about talking about it and more important – ok about me. She should run a clinic for people like me!
Danny, Cambridge