All behaviour serves
a purpose
...or was learned to serve a purpose

That behaviour may no longer be appropriate to the person
you are today, and may be why you are on this webpage.

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Depression and anxiety

What the thinker thinks, the prover proves. In effect we create our own realities.

Of all the things I help my clients to deal with, depression is the most debilitating because it's self confirming. It's like a snowball growing and growing as it thunders down the mountain out of control.

When you're depressed you can't see your way forward; you're stuck and lost, and the more you accept that to be true the more stuck and lost you get.

A controlled level of anxiety is a very healthy and natural thing as it keeps us alert in times of perceived danger. The problem arises when there is no real danger, but our subconscious is continually presuming otherwise, consequently keeping us on full alert. Our bodies aren't designed to remain for any length of time at this height of awareness, and a continuous anxious state is extremely harmful.

Regain control

I can help you learn how to deal with things in an empowering and constructive way so that your view of your world begins to change and you begin to see a way out, a way forward. As that starts to happen you will very quickly find that long lost sense of control and self worth flowing back.

Depression is about lack of control. I can teach you techniques that will help you regain that control.

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Depression and anxiety

Read what others have to say about working
with me, and how I helped them.*

Hi Ali,

Just thought I'd drop you a quick note to thank you for the therapy and to update you on my progress.

As you know, I was taking beta blockers twice a day and 30mg citalopram for anxiety. I am pleased to let you know that I haven't taken a beta blocker now for 6 months and I have been able to reduce my citalopram down to 10mg per day.

I also came to you with a severe phobia of starting work. I now work every day as a carer to a young boy with severe CP. I feel much happier and more confident being able to work and earn my own money again. I have also been less nervous around new people and have enjoyed socialising more.

The anxiety I was experiencing was affecting my whole life, i just want to thank you for giving me back my independence and identity.

I have been making recommendations to anyone I know as this therapy is so powerful and quick.

Thank you once again.

Amanda, Cambridge