All behaviour serves
a purpose
...or was learned to serve a purpose

That behaviour may no longer be appropriate to the person
you are today, and may be why you are on this webpage.

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Pain relief and healing

Did you know that for an antibiotic or painkiller to get approval for use it only has to perform better than the test placebo by a mere 20%?

It's true – nearly all medication is only 20% more effective than taking a sugar pill, and may have harmful or unpleasant side effects.

How can that be? Put very simply, it works on the theory that what the thinker thinks, the prover will prove.

Many people, including members of the medical profession, believe that the body can produce the chemicals it needs to keep us well – and most of the time it does this instinctively. It's called our natural immune system. So if your doctor tells you a sugar pill will make your headache go away, then nine times out of ten it will, because you have learned to believe the doctor. Conversely, if you are told you have a debilitating illness, the likelihood is that you will become less able. What the thinker thinks, the prover will prove.

Manage your pain

It is possible, through the mind-body connection, to alleviate symptoms and pain through hypnosis, by learning various visualisation and self-empowering techniques.

Cognitive therapists can work with you and alongside your doctors to help enable you to deal with a variety of illnesses and pain related disorders.

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Pain relief and healing

Read what others have to say about working
with me, and how I helped them.*

I had suffered for months with a trapped nerve. The physio could not correct it, but two sessions with Ali and the problem became so much better!
Colin, Cambridge

Having taken pain relief for my back for years I had got used to it... but Alison taught me pain relief techniques so that I now don't need to use medication. I am eternally grateful.
Louise, St. Neots

My husband was on chemo drugs towards the end and unable to communicate. Alison helped him control the pain and the side effects of the chemotherapy and I got my husband back for his last few weeks so we could talk. It made his passing so very much easier because he was in control.
Anne, Huntingdon

I had to stop playing golf because I could not walk without pain due to arthritis. Ali's pain control techniques helped me immensely. I am up to 9 holes and working with her to get back to 18! The drinks are on me on the 19th when I get there!
Simon, Norwich