All behaviour serves
a purpose
...or was learned to serve a purpose

That behaviour may no longer be appropriate to the person
you are today, and may be why you are on this webpage.

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Smoking and other addictions

Most smokers believe that they are so addicted to the chemicals in cigarettes that they are unable to easily quit smoking.

The truth is that those chemicals don't stay in your body for very long. But smoking is a behaviour you learned to make something in you feel better. The same is true of alcohol.

Smoking and drinking are generally considered to be harmful and we call them addictions. There are, however, many other far less harmful addictions – or habits – that people want to be rid of. Nail biting, teeth grinding, constant fidgeting and a hundred and one other things that we all do subconsciously. There is a reason why people do such things – we can work together to find what that reason is and help to remove it or replace it with more appropriate behaviour.

Replace your harmful habit

Cognitive hypnotherapy allows us to question your subconscious and establish what it was that first made you smoke a cigarette, or take a drink. We can work with your subconscious mind to re-evaluate that situation or event, and that is often enough to remove the need. We can look to replace your harmful habit with a new coping strategy.

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Smoking and other addictions

Read what others have to say about working
with me, and how I helped them.*

Well I have been a 40-a-day man and tried two hypnotists. Did not work! I was told about Ali... I tell you - hold on to your seat! But I don't smoke anymore - awesome lady!
Ken, Wisbech

I was a complete sceptic and sure it would not work. Can't tell you what happened in the session as it would ruin it for the next person, but I am now a believer.
Mike, Huntingdon

Alison said she was a non therapist therapist. Oh yeah? But I don't smoke anymore.
Suzanne, Cambridge

We went to a group Stop Smoking session with Ali... Five of us, all sceptics, but we're not anymore. Thank you Ali.
Danny, Clair, Adrian, Karen and Jo, Luton