All behaviour serves
a purpose
...or was learned to serve a purpose

That behaviour may no longer be appropriate to the person
you are today, and may be why you are on this webpage.

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Eating disorders and weight loss

Snacking, bingeing, cravings – all things that we can't control.

When we were children most of us will have been given food as a reward, to encourage good behaviour or comfort us after an unpleasant experience, so we have learned that food makes us feel good or comforts us. To a point that isn't a problem, but it can get out of hand. Through cognitive hypnotherapy we can look to find the trigger and change the behaviour.

Weight loss – it's tough to get the weight off, but harder still to keep it off. And as all overweight people can confirm, it's not just about what you eat – it's why you eat and when.

'Gastric Mind Band' – get back to the shape you want to be

I can you learn any number of ways to lose weight, get back to the shape you want to be, and maintain that weight loss. And the most effective method currently being used is the hypnotic gastric band. This intervention works through your issues with weight control and culminates in the "fitting" of a virtual gastric band. The therapy takes up to five sessions, during which I would work with you to persuade your subconscious to accept the suggestion that you have a gastric band... one that allows the food and drink to pass through that your body needs to stay strong and healthy, but that does not allow you to eat more than you need.

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Eating disorders and weight loss

Read what others have to say about working
with me, and how I helped them.*

I had a hypno gastric band fitted after my friend had one and recommended it. After having the band "fitted" in my last session, two months on I am happy with the amount of weight I have lost but more than that I know it will stay off because of the work Ali did with me during our sessions. Ladies you have to try this!
Jemima, Ipswich

I had to lose two stone to get into my wedding dress and Ali taught me visulisation techniques that put me in control of that. I've still got a few pounds to go but it's definitely working.
Emma, Sandy